I am moving to cambodia for 3 months

!!!!#activistallison #journallison??

adventuring allison

and I am excited and anxious and nervous and terrified (!!!)

The ratio of positive to negative adjectives isn’t ideal but it’s hard to expect otherwise. I’ve flown out by myself, I can barely speak Khmer (kuh-my) and the closest experience I’ve had to living in a developing country was my family vacation to the Philippines in Grade 6.

but there are many more things to look forward to rather than the challenges that lay ahead. For one, I’m interning with a wholesome NGO called Clear Cambodia, which works to improve rural Cambodians’ access to clean water, proper sanitation and hygiene thanks to household and school partnerships. I’m living with one of my co-workers who speaks English and will hopefully show me all of the trendy spots in Phnom Penh. But above all, it’ll be a summer to immerse myself in the history of a country beyond my time and…

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Summer School

“NOOOO I DONT WANT TO WASTE MY SUMMER IN SCHOOOL, THATS WHY ITS SUMMER, AWAY FROM SCHOOL” is what the grade 9 me would of said going to summer school.


In late February of 2016, I was in Grade 11 deciding the courses to take for Grade 12, which would dictate how the future of my post-secondary life would turn out. I realized I had no room to fit in English except in summer school, e-class, or night school  I decided summer school would be the best choice since I knew that I would not do my work if everything was online, and I could not take night school because I had such a heavy course load already.

There were 2 choices for summer school, St. John Paul II or Senator Oconnor. “I heard there were too many tough teachers at Oconnor”, “Their bathrooms are stinky” and a lot of other rumors my Grade 11 English classmates told me. I decided St.John Paul II was the choice for me since it was the closest and because I took Grade 10 History there.

My first thoughts of summer school was that I wanted to make a lot of new friends and surround myself in good company to keep me focused. I like being a social person but I tend not to get carried away and isolate myself to focus on my work. Walking into summer school I was not expecting to see a lot of people. There were many familiar faces that I greeted and many unfamiliar faces that I tried to greet. I had no expectations walking into my classroom, but once I entered, I actually had no clue what to expect.

summer schoooool.jpg

The classroom felt so clustered, I was so used to seeing blank walls and dull lighting but with all the paint on the wall it just lit up the room with expression. There were 45 students in a room that could only occupy about 35 students. Mr. Santin was our teacher for Grade 12 English and I already started to love the environment. The walls had quotes from students that graduated. There were so many different colors of paints, symbols, everything just welcomed you into the room. There was even a couch! This was the best classroom, physically, that I have seen. Except the a/c wasn’t working for 2 weeks and the weather was hitting temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius (: I made plenty of new friends and definitely shared some memorable experiences with them. I also befriended a person who is exactly like my best friend but just the opposite gender.

Anyways, the first day of summer school, we were briefed on what we were going to do for the rest of summer school. My teacher, Mr. Santin, effectively laid out everything we were going to do, which is something i appreciate greatly because it was such a logical way of letting students take initiative of their education. The way the course was laid out was well thought of and is my favorite style of teaching, that I’ve experienced. The due dates were provided well before, but how we proceeded on working during class was entirely up to the students (like university)! We could be lollygagging or be doing strenuous work, it did not matter as long as we remained respectful. I found this to be so respectful towards the students because he understood that it is summer school and we have other things going on  in our lives. He took the liberty to respect how we chose to act in class and let it not affect the marking of our work as long as we handed it in on time.

I honestly was not expecting to learn anything in summer school english because how could you possible fit a years worth of material into 3 weeks. However, Mr. Santin made the course to allow students to exercise real world application of English. For example, poetry analysis daily helped me convey thoughts and ideas more effectively. Moreover, blogging enabled me to speak about issues constructively and reasonably. Furthermore we covered the classic Shakespearean plays to understand the beauty of creative writing.

Overall, summer school was something I did not dread upon, It was something I looked forward to going to every day. Now that the end of summer school is approaching, I’m going to need to find something productive to do every single morning and afternoon.

Thank you for teaching me Mr. Santin!

thank you teacher.jpg

p.s ~ I really like blogging now!



Adults These days…



Definition of Adult:  fully developed and mature; not childish

Its a stage in life that is inevitable, just like how everyone was a baby once, everyone is going to be an adult. However, the term “Being an Adult” is much more than passing a certain age. Being an adult is embodying characteristics that makes you a dependable, mature, self-reliant individual capable of handling situations and paving the way for others. An adult is someone who is looked upon as a leading example.

What bothers me is that there are so many people of age that believe they are adults when they act more like a teenager! I know people of my age that are more of an “adult” than adults!

*This is a generalization, I understand that this is not every adult. This is a “kids these days” spoof*

Adults these days…


  • Think they are above and beyond everyone
    • There are so many close minded adults that believe their opinion is the only one that matters and do not take the time to listen to others.

      mad adult.jpg

  • Frown upon teenagers
    • Many adults turn down opportunities once they find out a teenager is behind it. They feel as if some teenagers are not responsible enough to manage things.

      road rage

  • Road Rage
    • I am new to the road yet I so compelled to see all the craziness on the road. So many adults should not be on the road! Especially the ones who are furious when pedestrians take their time! Pedestrians get the right of way, always!
      poorlistening skills
  • Poor Listening Skills
    • What sucks is when you exclaim a story or try to prove yourself to an adult, but they only select certain details to listen. Consequently, they bash you for those certain details instead of listening to the full story.


  • Are Stubborn
    • Feel as if they have no responsibility to give in to anything, always keep to themselves


Who are Your Top 5 Music Artist? (not in order)


Music is something all humans are accustomed to. Music is being played at the gym, the mall, restaurant, car, home. Music is everywhere. There are many different genres of music for the different types of people in the world. Humans are acoustic beings and our voices are instruments we use to communicate with each other. Music is used to communicate and express feelings, vibes, and melodic tunes that can affect our current mood. Music is powerful, it can be used to express good sounds and messages or used to put out rough sounds with provocative lyrics. You can create music, vibe to music, or sing along. Music is so important it describes things and gives feelings we cannot express through words.

I cannot imagine a life wouthout music.

Here are my Top 5 artist that I must listen to at least once each day. (I’m hugely influenced by the hip-hop, rap culture (: )

1. Drake
1 Word to describe this artist: Heart

Aubrey Drake Graham, also commonly referred to as the 6 God, is th 29 year old rapper from Toronto, Ontario.  Drake is an artist of choice when you are really in your feelings. A lot of his songs are hype and please the crowd but many of my songs on my Drive Slow Homie playlist come from Drake. Girl has you upset? Need motivation? Dancing music? Sing along in the car Music? Drake is the artist of choice.

Lyrics from Find Your Love, Thank me Later 2010
“I’m more than just a number, I doubt you’ll find another. So every single summer, I’ll be the one that you remember.”

Kendrick Lamar.jpg2. Kendrick Lamar
1 Word to describe this artist: Mind

Commonly referred to as K.dot, 29 year old rapper from Compton, California, constantly expresses his creativity with elicit lyrics. K.dot tackles on real issues faced by society through his musical creativity. By far the most talented artist, Kendrick Lamar delivers subliminal messages, double entendre’s and many allusions throughout his lyrical capabilities. He speaks about issues facing the black community, gang violence, and freeing the mind from opression and mental illnesses. The greatest story teller! My artist of choice when I need to free myself from negative thoughts or express strong emotions.

Lyrics from Sing About Me Im Dying Of Thirst, GOOD Kid Mad City 2012
“And I’m not sure why I’m infatuated with death
My imagination is surely an aggravation of threats
That can come about, ’cause the tongue is mighty powerful
And I can name a list of your favorites that probably vouch
Maybe cause I’m a dreamer and sleep is the cousin of death
Really stuck in the schema of wonderin’ when I’mma rest.”

j.cole.jpg3.  J. Cole
1 Word to describe this artist: Soul

Jermaine Lamarr Cole is a 31 year old rapper from Fayette ville, North Carolina, who was born in Frankfurt Germany. J.Cole is an artist that sets the example. An ideal icon that teaches you how to love yourself and cherish the precious things in life. Not idealizing the money, fame, and other materialistic things, but focusing on being a better person for others. J.Cole is my artist of choice when I feel frustrated at situations I cant control but I still need a release of emotions.

Lyrics from Born Sinner, Born Sinner 2013
“Never got to church to worship lord but please be merciful
You made me versatile, well-rounded like cursive
Know you chose me for a purpose, I put my soul in these verses
Born sinner, was never born to be perfect
Sucker for women licking they lips and holding these purses”

asap rocky.jpg4.  A$AP Rocky
1 Word to describe this artist: Finesse

Rakim Mayers commenly referred to as Always Strive and Prosper Rocky is a 27 year old rapper from Manhattan, New York City. Throughout the Hip-Hop culture he is known as the illest or smoothest rapper who has an image of being a womanizer. A$AP Rocky is my artist of choice whenever I want to feel elite, confident, or classy. The smooth and classical feel is the vibe throughout most of his songs leaving you with a luxurious feeling.

Lyrics from Everyday, At. Long. Last. Asap 2015
“A solo is now a poet, hypnosis overdose on potions/Adjusting to the motion and getting out all my emotions…”

Kanye West.jpg5. Kanye West
1 Word to describe this artist: Spirit

Kanye West is a 39 year old rapper, artist, fashion designer, and record producer from Atlanta Georgia who is currently married to Kim Kardashian. The most influential artist in my opinion who was able to use the Hip-Hop culture and spread it. Kanye West embodies many characteristics that makes him the most successful and probably the most controversial artist. Kanye West clearly states his opinions but faces discrimination from many media outlets for his “arrogance” and “egotistical personality”. However, there is so many things we can learn from Mr.West.

Lyrics from Last Call, College Dropout 2004

“Now I could let these dream killers kill my self-esteem
Or use my arrogance as the steam to power my dreams
I use it as my gas, so they say that I’m gassed
But without it I’d be last, so I ought to laugh”

Kanye West is my artist of choice when I need motivation or need to feel inspired. In addition he is my artist of choice when I’m placed in a working environment (School). Each one of his albums have a different general mood. For example, my favorite album , My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 2010, explores this idea of society limiting the creativity and mind of individuals because of issues such as class-ism. Overall, Kanye’s songs has so much spirit and provides a vibe that makes you want to do some immaculate work.

The Strangest Encounter with a Stranger


We live in a world with over 7.4 billion people where society is fruitful because of the daily interactions between humans. That being said…there is no way that you have never had a strange encounter with someone.

Before I was lucky and privileged enough to drive a vehicle, I was a victim, like many other people, to the strange interactions that occurred on public transit in Toronto.


The TTC is a wonderous system that commutes thousands of passengers all over Toronto. It would be surprising if one who uses public transit on a daily, not to encounter um…strange things.

The strangest encounter I have ever had with a stranger occurred on a gloomy evening after school back in October 2014 on a TTC bus.

Just like any day after school, I was posted up at McDonald’s with 20 people I considered my friends. Yes, it was that awkward transitional phase that everyone experiences in Grade 9, the “what group do I fit in?” phase which lead me to be with a crowd. Although I wouldn’t be persuaded by the crowd I just chose not to look left out, which is very silly because now I love being in my own company!

Anyways, I had to be home early because I had Taekwondo later that night and If I did not get home before 6:00 pm, I would not be able to nap and that would render me a lifeless body in the Dojo waiting to be pummeled in a sparring match. So I said farewell to my group of friend–acquaintances and proceeded to walk towards the bus stop where a grotesque memory would soon be etched into my mind for life 🙂


The commute from the McDonald’s to my home takes approximately 45 minutes if the special bus (only appears every 2 hours ((((((: ) is present after my 2nd transfer bus. I usually bus with this one person who lives close to me but he decided to stay with the group of acquaintances. Approaching the bus stop I should of already seen the signs that strange things were going to happen after seeing who the bus driver was. Immediately I recognized the harshness of the drivers voice and the same pair of sunglasses I heard in the stories my classmates would always talk about. “The crazy bus driver lazy, she didn’t let me on because I only had a $2 for student fair. She told me to get my student card that I forgot at home! WHO ASKS FOR STUDENT ID WHEN YOUR WEARING UNIFORM, WHAT THE —“.

Before she even looked my way I pulled out my student card in a flash and I could see her lip quiver just a bit because this time she wouldn’t get the satisfaction of making youth pay extra fare, from me.ttc driver

This is not the driver just a visual to help you imagine the situation 🙂

That was my first omen that something strange was waiting for me at the Scarborough Town Centre. The bus ride to STC was 30 minutes and it was a regular bus ride that involved me staring at the window and listening to my hip hop tunes. Bumping that old school Kanye West pretending im in a music video, type of looking out the window scene.

So I get off the bus and now im walking through the bus station at STC. I should of noticed this other bad omen I got from holding the door, nobody said thank you…NO ONE. So I kept walking listening to Can’t Tell me Nothing by Kanye West until I reached the end of the station. I picked up my station transfer ticket and stood outside patiently, instead of choosing to sit on the bench. I wanted to be the first one to board the bus and in my head I was thinking I could take a solo seat and sleep, if i was first on the bus. So I’m still standing, waiting patiently, while I smelt something funky in the air. As if, it was coming from right beside me. I turn my head to the right to see a man (seems like he was in his 30’s) who looked as if he hasn’t showered in a while. He was wearing a worn out blue baseball cap, khaki baggy pants, and a polo shirt. I guess I wasnt the only one that thought he smelt bad because I seen everyone moving towards my side of the station.

My bus could be seen in the distance and before I could make my prediction of where the bus doors would be located when the bus stops, there was already a line of people waiting. “There goes my solo seat :(“, I thought. I got on the bus and sat down in the front, near the bus driver. The bus driver left to take his washroom break and everyone was patiently waiting. The whole bus was filled with people but there were three seats in front of me that were empty. I look around to see if anyone was gonna claim the empty solo seat but sat right back down when I seen the man hopping onto the same bus as me. “Its better sitting beside someone that smells good than sitting beside him” was what I was thinking.
I hear murmurs everywhere “Oh no its stink man”, and im here sitting down, knowing hes gonna sit in front of me, bracing myself from the stench. Little did I know, the next few moments will scar me for the rest of my life.

While we were waiting for the bus driver to come back, me and the smelly man were engaged in heavy eye contact. I was just looking at him trying to understand if he was staring at me or something behind me or maybe something on me? The whole time though I didn’t even notice the water dripping from his seat. I was about to tell him that someone probably spilled something on the seat and you should change seats, until I noticed — there was a lot of water dripping now…uhh than I noticed the water started to turn…um…yellow. “Wow thats a lot of apple juice right?” I was trying to convince myself that the man in front of me was not staring at me while he was peeing on public transit.
20070804 07.jpg
The man stood up with his khakis, that was a light brown before, now a dark piss stained brown and walked off the bus leaving a trail. Everyone around me was exclaiming their disgust on the bus meanwhile I was taking in the fact that HE WAS STARRING AT ME THE WHOLE TIME. I put my headphones in and sat in silence the whole bus ride. I didn’t even take the special bus that would drop me off right at home, I decided I needed to walk this off.

Fast forward, I have a car and I never want to take public transit unless I really have to and I hope nothing stranger than this happens 🙂




Bucket List

Life is short, there are so many things that this world has to offer yet we don’t take time to value these wonderful opportunities. Before I die, I have a list of things, commonly referred to as a “Bucket List” , that I want to experience.


  1. Go to Japan
  2. Skydiving
  3. Base-jumping
  4. Get a MEANINGFUL tattoo
  5. Go to Amsterdam
  6. Meet Kanye West
  7. Have a creative piece published in an art gallery
  8. Bounce on a pogo stick
  9. Learn how to Rollerblade
  10. Write a book
  11. Go camping with friends
  12. Road trip to Alberta with friends
  13. Climb a Mt.Everest
  14. Drive the maximum speed of a car (mine is only 240 km/hr 😦 )
  15. Go ghost hunting
  16. Have a food fight
  17. Compete in a Marathon
  18. Compete in a Mud Run
  19. Go to Seoul
  20. Fly a plane
  21. Travel on a airboat
  22. Swim with sharks
  23. Catch all the Pokemon is in Pokemon Go
  24. Go airsofting
  25. See the pyramids
  26. Hang glide
  27. Knit a scarf
  28. Go to Tokyo
  29. Live in Tokyo for atleast a week
  30. Ride a Motorcycle
  31. Celebrate Mardi Gras In New Orleans
  32. Participate in the worlds biggest pillow fight
  33. Throw Tomatoes at la Tomatina
  34. Go on a sledding expedition with huskies
  35. Build a treehouse
  36. Ride a dune buggy
  37. Own a 6×6 Mercedes G-Wagon
  38. Pet a penguin
  39. Live in a log cabin during a snowstorm
  40. Go to a drive-in movie theater
  41. Road trip to Montreal with friends
  42. Visit a Haunted House
  43. Road trip to Quebec with friends
  44. Compete in Color Me Rad
  45. Have a creative piece of cinematography posted on Vimeo
  46. Meet Drake, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Rhianna, King Krule
  47. Start a fashion line
  48. Have a whine collection
  49. Stay at the ice hotel in Sweden
  50. Live luxuriously in Dubai

3 Future Goals



The future can seem scary to many because of the questionable unknown that is inevitable in life. However, the unknown should be something that appalls us, we should think ahead and make plans. Although I don’t have a plan, I have some goals for the future. When the time is right I will manage to reach these goals otherwise, thats just life, ill have a plan but follow the flow in times of uncertainty.

  1. A property for each of my children (if i have children)
  2. A fluctuating career timeline
  3. Travel the World

brown babiesproperty-investment-adelaide.jpg

The first goal may seem odd considering the fact that I’m only 16 and I am already thinking about kids. Honestly, I would love to have kids but obviously with someone I love and I don’t know if I am gonna meet that person or not but if i do…and if i do have children I want to give each of them a property. I want to pass down some sort of investment so my children won’t be left with no physical inheritance. I think of it as a way to make sure as a father I have given my children something to ensure their success financially. In the next couple of years the rate of inflation and prices of even Bangalore homes have increased drastically.


Its typical for teenagers such as myself to believe that we will be sticking with that one dream job for 40 years and retire and live with our children or in a senior home (depends on if your children love you or not 🙂 ). I want to have a career in the science field maybe a chemical/civil engineer? Although that is my goal for post secondary, I can’t expect everything to be amazing. What if I don’t like my job? I’m not gonna force myself to stay, theres too little time in life XD I want to fluctuate in my jobs. I want to be able to try many things not because I am not capable of committing but if the situation is just not of my liking.

travel map.jpg

This is a generic goal that everyone talks about, travelling. Before I settle down and after retirement, I want to travel the world just like my Appa (dad in Sri Lankan). My dad was a seaman in his early adulthood, travelling the world with his crew. He has a map in his room with pins on the places hes been. I want the same map in my room with pins on the places I traveled Ive been to Singapore, England, Germany, Sri Lanka, Florida, Kansas City, New York, Montreal, Quebec, Paris and Superior North. I did a service trip to India as well, back in March 2016. I want to be able to see and experience many different cultures. I mean we all live in a world with billions of different human beings, I want to be able to interact with what life has to offer before I die. First place I want to travel to out of my own pocket is Japan. I want my honey moon in Greece too 😉

Pokemon Go!

On April Fools of 2014, Google released a video on Youtube teasing millions of people of what could be their childhood dream coming true.

Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge 

pokemon go
Yeah thats right! Real life Pokemon just like how Ash Ketchum in travels around the world catching the Pokemon. The teaser looked promising but many were either fooled with the classic April Fools joke or were just left heartbroken realizing their dream may never come true. If only we were able to catch Pokemon in tall grass, on the water or do Pokemon battles on the go.

Now comes along September 9, 2015 where people have gotten over the false high hopes to be greeted with yet another teaser, but this one turned out to be true.

Pokemon Go

Turns out Google and Niantic Company were planning all along to release a real life interactive Pokemon game!

Pokemon Go was released on July 6, 2016 by Niantic Inc. in a few countries, not including Canada. However, that did not stop beloved Pokemon fans who found a way to by pass the regional lock on the app store to download the app.

What Is It?

To summarize, people are going outside and exploring the world because they can catch Pokemon (250 of them)

Pokemon Go involves real world adventures paired with augmented reality (turns the game into what your seeing) to catch Pokemon. Players create their own avatar and are given a menu where they can access their digital backpack and Pokemon.
pokemon go avatar.jpgPokemon+Go+Menupokemon stuff

The game uses your location to recreate a map based on your surroundings. Pokemon Go tracks your movement and translates it to your avatar moving. Depending on the points of interests are in your area, Pokemon Go determines whether that location can become a Pokestop or a Gym arena. For example, your local park or art in your neighborhood can be turned into a Pokestop in the game where players can stop by to collect in game items to aid in their Pokemon adventure. Another example, your local gym can turn into a Pokemon Gym where players battle against other players Pokemon to see who remains as the gym leader.

Although Pokemon Go has amazing ideas but, the blooming popularity of the app has uncovered many problems.

  1. Servers have been overloading causing poor game responsiveness due to the massive amounts of people playing.
  2. An error in the coding gives Ninatic full access to your Google accounts (able to compose emails and more)
  3. Robberies have happened where people camp out at Pokestops where individuals are lured to and than mugged.
  4. A body was discovered after a woman went searching for a water Pokemon under a bridge during her walk home.
  5. Looking at your phone constantly to catch Pokemon can have you distracted, be aware of getting hit by a car or losing your job!Overall Pokemon Go is a wonderful game that has gave the world a new light in dark times. Ive met many people playing the game and made a lot of new friendships. A lot of people can relate to this due to the massive player base this game has generated.

    Gotta Catch em All!

    Source: http://www.cnn.com/2016/07/11/tech/pokemon-go-crazy-events/index.html



10 Things You Can Do With The Squad

  1. Mall Rat
    Scarborough Town Centre, Fairviewmall, Woodsidemall, Yorkdalemall, Rexdalemall, any mall
    This is reaching out to the younger readers, I see a lot of the younger children travelling in groups of 3+ around malls not shopping. I admit this was enjoyable a couple of years back because its a great way of socializing in a lively enviornment.
  2. Wonderland
    Location:1 Canadas Wonderland Drive, Vaughan, ON L6A 1S6, Canada
    If your a family man, a group of teens, or even seniors that are capable of handling thrills, Wonderland is a great choice in the summer. Canada’s own amusement parks with famous roller coasters such as The Behmoth and Leviathan will leave you with adrenaline.
  3. Playdium
    Location: 99 Rathburn Road West Mississauga,ON L5B 4C1
    You have to plan ahead for this trip, maybe a birthday party or a date with your special someone, Playdium is a fun arcade that will make time fly by.
  4. Go Karting
    go karting

    Location: 7 Stoffel Dr, Toronto, ON M9W 6A8, Canada
    An expensive but joyous activity, go-karting will take a toll on your wallet but allow you to speed down the track with a couple of friends. If you’re not an experienced driver without a liscence, not to fear, you will still be able to race.
  5. Old Finch
    old finch
     Old Finch and MorningsideIts a late night on a summer but you and your friends are still up and about to do something memorable! If you’re looking for something memorable, try scary or maybe frightening. The infamous haunted Old Finch bridhge is said to be ruled by a ghostly girl who does not appreciate the song “Happy Birthday”.
  6. Barbecue
    Location: Beaches, Thomson Memorial Park, Morngingside Park, Taylor Creek Park, Backyard

    A great function to bring together a group of friends and enjoy in some leisure talk and activities. To make this a memorable experience, everyone should take responsibility bringing in food and have a head chef.
  7. Sauble Beach
    Location: Lakeshore Boulevard North, Sauble Beach, Ontario N0H 2G0, Canada
    If you watch the weather and see a hot weekend or week its a good sign to plan a trip to Sauble beach. Sauble beach is by far the cleanest and nicest beach I’ve been to several times. The environment is packed with other families and cottage seekers.
    *Salt water does tremendous things to your body*
  8. Paintballing / Airsofting
    Location: 3550 Victoria Park Ave, Toronto, ON M2H 2N5, Canada
    Paintballing is a great way to spend some time with some friends you want to be puckish with (wink). A semi-costly experience, Paintballing offers a wide variety of game modes and ways to play with your friend indoors if the weather is not looking so good.
  9. Sky Zone
    Location: 45 Esandar Dr, Toronto, ON M4G 4C5, Canada
     Another indoor activity you can do with a group of friends that is semi-costly, Skyzone is a trampoline zone. Challenge your friends in a game of dodgeball, do flips in the air or dunk on a net, Skyzone will leave you sweating buckets.
  10. CNE Exhibition Free Day
    Location: 210 Princes’ Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3, Canada
    A must go this summer is CNE Exhibtion free day where half of toronto will relocate themselves in an carnival like environment. Go with a squad or go with your special someone, best part is, its free!